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What "they" said about future Gold prices

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    In this topic, you will see many “predictions” about the future gold prices.

    Gold price is one of the highly watched indicator by banks, governments, traders and speculators. Everyday, we come across news reports by certain hedge funds or banks saying price will be at a certain level by this time and why.

    Whether these reports are accurate or not, you can follow the postings and decide on yourself.

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    24 Oct 2014 Gold Price

    This is what african mining is showing on a Sunday!

    26 Oct 2014 Gold Price

    Could this be true? We could see a gap up tomorrow when the gold market opens

    Before we rise to heavens about this new information, here is the down-to-earth look at the COT positioning as of last Tuesday (21/10/2014):

    Gold COT 21 Oct 2014

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    Gold Mining Cost

    This should put the question on the cost of mining to an end. It is between $1100 and $1175.

    And now, look at the price chart from 2001 to 2014:

    Gold Triple Bottom 2013 to 2014

    In 2012 period, gold price fluctuate between 1760 to 1526, so this gold miner should still be profitable in 2012.
    And they seems like able to predict the 2013 downtrend 1 year ahead by cutting back since 2012.

    The price level of 1183 is being bounced off 3 times from 2013 to 2014, forming a triple bottom. Finally, a bullish 2015 prediction by the miner with increased production.

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    As we are reaching end of the first month of 2015, let’s look back at publicly available financial advice from big banks and wealth managers, for our “benefit”:

    Feb 2014 - Credit Susse Gold Price Movement Prediction

    Mar 2014 - Mar Pictet Wealth Mgmt Firm View on Gold

    Jun 2014 - JP Morgan Thinks Gold Will Be Sideways

    And now, this is the 2014 gold price movement:

    Gold Price 2014

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