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Best Futures Brokers in United States

Futures trading has become a popular vehicle for investors across America. With a variety of futures trading platform systems available, traders never had it easier.

Whether you are interested in using manual trading or automated systems, the choice is yours. I have listed information about 3 of the best futures brokers in the United States, how to open and fund your futures account, and details about their training programs, enabling you to make an informed online futures broker comparison of each.

Tradestation [ www.tradestation.com ]

Tradestation is a fully automated future trading platform system that allows you access to every U.S. futures market in the country. It is known for its speed and accurate analysis of futures trading, and offers detailed instructions on how to both open and fund an account, plus it is safe and secure.

Best Futures Brokers Offers Free Futures Trading Platform

This discount online broker platform is free until 2012, with the exception of charges and fees associated with trading. It’s easy to open an account; just register with your name, address, telephone number, email address, banking information, and state whether the account is an individual account or joint account.

You can fund your account using a check, wire transfer, electronic transfer, or transfer money from another brokerage account. The costs for trading are as follows: Per share- $0.6, per trade- flat fee, from $6.99 and up, per option- $1.00 per contract. With the availability of excellent customer service and forums, your questions are answered quickly and informatively.

Interactive Brokers [ www.interactivebrokers.com ]

There are two different free trading platforms with Interactive Brokers, each offering different styles. The Web Trader is designed for individual trading and used on the internet only, while the Trader Workstation offers a more complex style and supports trading of many global assets. It can be used either on the internet or it can be downloaded on your computer.

Wide Access to Different Assets

With Interactive Brokers you have access to traders platforms for stocks, options, futures, Forex, bonds and funds. Live customer support and a variety of training programs are available. Commission fees are as follows: Flat rate- $ 0.05 per share, minimum per order- $1.00, and maximum per order- $0.5% of the trade value.

Partner For NinjaTrader

Interactive Brokers is also Ninja Trader brokerage partner. Ninja Trader offers free online training webinars that allow a maximum of 200 students; it is recommended that you log in at least 15 minutes early for a seat. You will learn how to operate the software in addition to instructions to use the tools to analyze the market, get free online trading tips, and execute high performance back testing.

Global Futures [ www.globalfutures.com ]

Global Futures offers 2 types of trade services: Self directed, and managed futures. Global Futures is one of the leading broking dealers where you have access to your choice of platforms, each offering a variety of features. With free daily pivot points, free economic calendar, and news online, plus access to free live simulated trading with $50,000.00 in your account, you will be well prepared for trading.

Customizable Commission

Global Futures determine commissions differently for different accounts by the following criteria: size of futures account, type of account, markets that are traded, your trading volume and the chosen trading platform.  Up to date, 30,000 clients in more than 100 countries has been serviced by Global Futures with this flexible philosophy.

This is made possible with the large number of staff employed, who would discuss with each account holder on their trading requirements and determine the right commission for their needs. Global Futures’ customers include hedge funds, retail and professional clients.

Choose Your Futures Trading Platform From Best Futures Brokers

Each of the above trading platform software systems provided by the best futures brokers is developed to fit the needs of anyone who is interested in investing by trading with a discount online broker in futures . You are given an online futures broker comparison of features, commissions and fees.

They are each prepared to share the knowledge of their experienced futures trading professionals through training sessions and live customer support for answers to any questions you may have. With the free use of educational materials, webinars, simulated training, and forums from the very best futures brokers, every thing you need to know about futures trading is at your finger tips and ready to be utilized for your trading success.

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