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We understand the mental stress of trading. Here, you can share your trading thoughts with fellow traders or read about futures contracts that you are not trading yet. Useful information on what large bank traders are buying or selling weekly available here.

Where are Futures Contracts Traded?

Futures contracts are traded in various exchanges. However, futures trading occurs in high volume in the United States (US) major exchanges. Below is the list of exchanges and the futures contracts traded in each exchange:

Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)

The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) is the world’s largest futures exchange market in terms of the contracts that are traded. You can find floor traders shouting orders or using hand signals to communicate buying or selling orders to one another. This is called “open outcry” style.

    • Dow Jones
    • T-Bonds
    • T-Note (10 Year)
      T-Note (5 Year )
      T-Note (2 Year )
    • Corn

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is the world’s second large futures exchange market  It is located in Chicago, Illinois and that explains the trading clock showing Chicago times on the right hand side. Very similar to CBOT, there are floor traders trading in the pits. The futures contracts traded are diverse, with indexes, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

    • Nikkei
      S&P 500
      NASDAQ 100
      Russell 2000
    • Eurodollar
    • Australian Dollar $
      British Pound £
      Canadian Dollar $
      Japanese Yen ¥
      E-Mini Japanese Yen
      Euro €
      Mexican PESO $
      New Zealand Dollar $
      Renminbi ¥
      Swiss Franc
    • Live Cattle
      Lean Hog
      Feeder Cattle
      Pork Bellies
      Lumber 110

Commodity Exchange Incorporated (COMEX)

Commodity Exchange Inc. (COMEX) is located in New York in 1933. On 31 December 1974, the first gold futures contract is traded in COMEX. Since then, it has became the leading gold futures exchange. COMEX trades in hard commodities and if you are trading in previous metals, watch out for the news on COMEX.

    • Gold

ICE Futures U.S.

ICE Futures U.S. is located in New York and specializes in soft commodity futures.

    • Cocoa
      Sugar #11
      Orange Juice

New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)

New York Mercantile Exchange has been merged with COMEX although they are address separately. According to press release on 3rd March 2011 by the CEO of the CME, Craig Donohue, computer-driven orders now account for around 45 per cent of all futures volume on the Nymex and a smaller percentage of that is true high frequency algorithmic trading. This is an extra information to take note of if you are trading in the following futures contracts:

    • Crude Oil
      Heating Oil
      Natural Gas
    • Palladium

Important Facts About Futures Contracts

Trading Hours
Trading Volume
Contract Expiration
Contract Size

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Beside knowing the different type of futures contracts and where they are traded, there are other important considerations for trading profitably, such as the times of the day when the most trading activities are being carried out.

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